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Relationship Based Training

What is it?

Relationship Based Dog Training is clear comunication between dog and human, resulting in a better understanding between the two, and a stronger bond (relationship).

How does it work?

Clear comunication is created via teaching your dog right and wrong through rewards and corrections.

RBT will give you clear and simple methods that will create a predictable environment, great leadership skills, and an unbreakable bond with your dog.

How do we build your "RBT" Plan?

We will first chit chat over a phone consult-- about your challenges and goals that you're having with your dog. We will bullet point your goals and challenges in the order that I believe will make the most sense and will be the best order to building your relationship with your dog. Using my experience I will guesstimate the amount of sessions it should be and each sessions agenda. Every dog has different challenges which also means a different lengths of training program, which is a-okay!

We would then schedule our first session!


Our First session; most first session will take about 2 hours. During our first session we will reassess your training goals, and the timeline of the program. I will also ask questions about your dogs feeding schedule, sleep habits, and home environment. We will go over the Evergreen K9's Dog Training Fundamentals, the Key Factors, and the science of dog training. This session I will also take the opportunity in teach you about different training gear and the use for them. After all of the book work  it's your dogs turn to learn! During the first session I like to start with the first five and most important steps in building the bomb proof relationship! "Focus"/ Boundaries/ Marker System/ Leash Communication and Ownership Handling Skills!

How often is our sessions? In most cases once a week for the allotted program length- there tends to be 4 different tiers of length; 5 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 24 weeks 

From then on; We will train weekly, each weekly session will last about 90 minutes-you will get emailed notes covering all that we talked about and trained on after every session. You will also receive all video and or pictures that I take during your session (with your okay of course). Then every 3 or so sessions we will have a "check in session" where we will go over how all of the training, homework notes, and relationship building is going. 


As my Grandpa always said, "Dream it, Wish it, Do it" 

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