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Miles is the reason Hailee became a trainer, he came from Multnomah County Shelter with his own behavior issues, including leash pulling, counter serving, bolting, and resource guarding. He is now her Service dog, and DEMO dog. His favorite toy is chuck-it balls. His favorite food is, mini carrot sticks, apple, and ice cubes!

Miles Negan, 9y Border Collie/ Am Staff Mix


Clyde has one of the purest hearts. He became an Evergreen K9 pack member May of 2021 and will proceed to live out his golden years as an ESA for Dj, Hailee's husband. He was the start of Hailee and Dj's love for Tijuana rescues.  


He was rescued off the streets of Tijuana Mexico June of 2020 with a badly broken front leg (that later would be amputated), majority of his tongue missing, tusk like teeth, indented head (thought to be due to head force trauma) and testing positive for a tick born disease, TVT, and the scariest-- distemper. He survived all of it with the biggest smile on his face. 

Coyote Clyde, Estimated to be 13-15y Pitty/ GSD/ Lab Mix


Fry's everything but small, his fighter attitude got him through severe neglect, malnutrition, and abuse. He became an Evergreen K9 pack member March of 2022 after being rescued from Tijuana Mexico. He suffered the tips of his ears bit off, a body blanketed with scares-- both from other dogs and unimaginable burns. He also tested positive for two tick born diseases, Giardia, Heartworm and anemia. Never the less he still shines bright for all to see. 

5-6y Male Neutered Dachshund 

Small Fry Mc Chicken, Estimated to be around 6-7y Doxie/ Chi and confused 

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