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Happy Clients and Wagging Tails

Building the perfect relationship with your dog through training and leadership.


"One day Charlie and I woke up and felt that we were missing something for our family, a dog. After searching for a while I found a post online from the rescue in the valley.

Sunny was given to this shelter because she was a nipper and could not go to the humane society. The rescue person said that Sunny was "Houdini" and very smart. We tossed the ball for her and then she came and laid at Charlies feet. That's when we knew she was our dog.

Sunny had her issues as we don't have a fence on five acres. She constantly pulled on the leash and dragged me around. I was at my wits end when I saw someone post about Hailee's dog training.

Sunny thought that she was the leader and with Hailee's help she not only trained Sunny, but myself and gave me a dog that I thought I would never own. Sunny is smart, affectionate beyond belief and loves to be trained. She has been given a new purpose and without Hailee's training, I would of never found that.

Hailee truly loves what she does and is great at it. She never gives up on you and always offers help and support. Her training goes beyond the dog, she teaches bonding at the highest level.

Hands down would recommend her to anyone."

-Sherri and Sunny


"Where do I even begin? I happened to come across Hailee’s information in a Facebook post. At that time, my husband and I had been looking for somewhere to take my pup for group training. I hadn’t really thought about getting a personal trainer, so I researched her. I was extremely impressed with what I read and saw so I messaged her thus beginning our glorious relationship! Deja is our 1.5-year-old German Shepherd. She is wonderful but had a huge issue with reactivity especially to other dogs. I had trained her with basics and knew she was very smart but no matter what I did or how much I researched; I couldn’t help her with the reactivity. It was to the point where we couldn’t take her anywhere with us or we would be stressed out the entire time. That obviously didn’t help her at all! From our first meeting, Hailee put me at ease. She was inviting, encouraging, and so passionate. We dove in with the training and I can tell you that it made ALL the difference. I can honestly say, she probably trained me more than Deja herself. She gave me the confidence and tools to handle any
situation that may cause Deja stress/anxiety. She is a miracle worker!!!! I cannot express how much I appreciate her time and patience. I can personally attest to her training. Use the tools and information she teaches you and you cannot fail. Everyday, Deja continues to get better and better. She has low to almost zero reactivity with people and dogs. Her recall skills are on point. She is truly a whole different dog. Thank you, Hailee, from the bottom of our hearts. Never stop doing what you do."

-Nellie and Deja


"I have been working with her for the last 5 weeks. She has been helping get my dog ready to pass the canine good citizen text and prepare her to be a therapy dog. Hailee is very clear and easy to understand instructions. I highly recommend her to help you have a better relationship with your dog and teach you to deal with behavioral issues you might be having."
-Liisa and Alora

Barb and Taca.jpg

"Taca learned how to walk with grandma (me) to the park without pulling from tips given by Hailee!!"
Barb - Grandma to Taca, a very energetic Mini Aussie

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